With 2018 just behind us, many of us are looking forward to ways we can hit the reset and refresh buttons in 2019. The team at Aderra has been talking, and we have to wonder: What better way to set a new tone for the year than by changing up the look in your home? Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or new accessories can completely change the energy of your space.

Wondering what to look out for (and avoid) in 2019? These four trends are our top contenders:

1. Mixed Metallics

It’s no secret brass and rose gold have dominated the design landscape for several seasons now. The two golden finishes can be found on kitchen hardware, lighting fixtures, and everything in between, and they’re not just limited to the home. Check out pics from any Insta-worthy restaurant and you’ll see one or the other metal taking center stage.  

In 2019, however, the trend will shift toward a more artistic approach with mixed metallics. Brass and gold accents may still be predominant, but they’re being paired in unexpected ways with materials like dark bronze or aged iron and cooler metals like silver and pewter can be seen alongside bronze and black metals. The result is a look that feels far more intentional and curated — and less matchy-matchy.

2. Art Deco

With the mid-century modern movement firmly entrenched in nearly all our hearts and homes, a bold few have deigned to ask, “What’s next?” While the appeal of vintage remains, in 2019 the trend will transition back a few decades to Art Deco. From tables and chairs to lighting and accessories, this year is looking a lot more glamorous. Think playful colors, opulent fabrics, and bold patterns, all grounded by the mixed metallic trend making waves across every design theme and style for the year.  

Feeling unsure as to how you can artfully combine your metallics? Start by studying the various hues in our granite countertops and the finishes we offer for kitchen hardware, and slowly build in complementary items from there.

3. Sustainable/Natural

Between 2018’s self-care movement and our love affair with all things hygge, it comes as no surprise that sustainable and natural fabrics are becoming increasingly popular. We’re all looking for ways to make life just a little bit cozier, and that starts by turning our homes into safe havens of peace, comfort, and clarity.

Natural materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite feel more serene than the chrome we’ve been seeing in kitchens for years now while jute, rice paper, and clay accessories leave the rest of the home feeling light and airy. Wood flooring and blinds, featured in all our condos, also pair well with this style.

The trend will extend to natural textiles and upholstery as well — think linen, hemp, and wool — for a look that’s thoroughly organic and grounding. Which, incidentally, is just what we all need after a hectic day.

4. Minimalism

In keeping with our increasing desire to reduce not only the stresses of everyday life but also our impact on the planet, minimalism is one trend that’s really resonating for 2019. While we’ve touted this strategy before, with Marie Kondo fever at all-time high, it just might be here to stay.

Less clutter in our homes means less clutter in our minds and more money in our wallets. Plus, the fewer items you have, the more you can show off the ones that truly bring you joy and reflect your personal style. Fortunately, the clean lines and open feel of our condos already align themselves perfectly with this trend.

New Year, New Look, New You!

Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your space or simply make a few changes here and there, a little effort can go a long way toward reinvigorating the energy of your home. Want more design tips and tricks? Follow the Aderra blog now for the latest in home trends and luxury real estate in Arizona.