For many, the new year is an ideal time to make a fresh start, create a new identity for yourself, or simply commit to making a positive change. Whatever your age, everyone can benefit from looking at their lifestyle and taking steps to improve health and happiness.

As a new retiree, you now finally have the time to give more focus to achieving your goals and promoting better wellness. That means that January 2019 could be the first month of the rest of your life! Here are some excellent resolutions to help you start your next act on solid footing:

1. Get More Exercise

Throughout your life, you’ve probably made the decision to exercise more at one time or another. Unfortunately, this is a resolution that’s frequently abandoned by people who don’t have either the time or focus to pursue better physical health. Now that you’re retired, you can spend some time experimenting with exercise routines until you find the one that works best for you and that you can stick with.

Studies suggest that even one minute of exercise can lead to better health. As you get older, the more support you can give your heart and vascular system, the better off you’ll be. Explore opportunities like dance classes, weekend jogs with friends, or hit your local gym for a light workout routine. At Aderra, we’ve got a pool and a fitness center, making it super convenient to incorporate more movement into your day.

2. Adjust Your Diet

A lot of people resolve to eat healthier in the new year, whether they want to lose weight or feel better. Though a lot of times the focus is external on the way you will look if you change your eating habits, the benefits of a good diet extend far beyond that. The fuel that you give to your body every day impacts how you feel overall. If you’re continually eating fatty or processed foods, you’re unlikely to feel your best.

Get online or find a new recipe book, and seek out some interesting, healthy recipes you can try. Mixing things up with healthy soups, salads, and other foods will both give you a new hobby and ensure that you get the nutrition you need.

3. Try Something Different

The new year is a great time to explore different things and find something new to add to your schedule. Getting out of your comfort zone can be a great way to push your personal boundaries and rediscover your inner strength. This is particularly important during your senior years, when some people can begin to feel as though they’re losing their independence.

Look for something that you know you’ll enjoy, but that you haven’t tried before. For instance, maybe you could enroll in a local cooking class or take up gardening? Or if you’re interested in giving something back to the community, check out some volunteering programs in your area. There’s nothing like altruism to fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

4. Create New Relationships and Deepen Old Ones

As an adult, it can be tough to reach out to people and make new friends. Fortunately, if you’re living in a community setting like Aderra, you’ll find plenty of people to talk to. Engage your neighbors in friendly chats at the clubhouse! If you want to make friends outside of the neighborhood, consider signing up for classes or group events where you’re bound to meet new people.

In addition to creating new friendships, don’t forget to focus on the relationships you already have in your life. Reach out to the people you haven’t seen in a while and see if they want to catch up. Ask your children and grandkids to come and visit more often, so that you can continue to bond in the new year. Friends and loved ones are one of the greatest gifts in life, and maintaining these connections is a great use of your time.

5. Live Life to the Fullest

The next chapter of your life is your opportunity to really enjoy life to the fullest, without having to worry about things like being on time for work each day or requesting time off to travel. Now’s the time you’ve been waiting for: Get out there and enjoy the fantastic experiences that life has to offer!

If you have a bucket list, consider crossing one thing off each month. You might need to spread your bucket list activities out a little more if they’re primarily big-ticket items like skydiving or traveling to another country, but there’s still no time like the present to start making progress on your goals.

Finally, remember that living your best life begins with choosing the perfect place from which to launch your journey. There’s never been a better time to take the plunge and purchase that second home you’ve always wanted, or to buy a winter home with Aderra. Explore your options today.