There’s perhaps nothing more peaceful than watching the sun go down, especially in beautiful Arizona. With clear skies all year round, seeing the sun set on the Sonoran Desert panorama is a great way to spend a warm evening outdoors.

Here at Aderra, we know all the best places to catch stunning sunset views within driving distance of our condo complex. Read on for our starter list of unmissable sunset spots in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

1. McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Located in Northern Scottsdale, McDowell Sonoran Preserve is the largest urban park in all of the U.S., and it boasts 30,500 acres of scenery. Visit one of its five prominent trailheads to catch the sunset, and watch the mountains turn mauve and purple as the sun drops below their horizon. This is an especially striking spot to take in the unique pattern created by large saguaro cacti as they cast their shadows on the desert floor.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

If you’re an art or architect lover, then the location of choice for your sunset-viewing is Talisen West, a museum and working architectural school, which was once home to renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Situated in central Scottsdale, Talisen West is a National Historic Landmark consisting of a collection of beautifully designed buildings dating back to 1937.

What makes this a brilliant spot to see the sunset is the museum’s two-hour Night Light’s tour, which runs on Friday nights. The tour costs $40 per ticket and is an opportunity to see “Wright’s desert masterpiece glow warmly like a jewel under Arizona’s starry skies.”

3. Sanctuary Camelback Resort

A crowd-pleaser for good reason, Sanctuary Camelback Resort showcases breathtaking views of the sunset over Camelback and the Mummy Mountains. For an extra taste of sunset luxury, visit the resort’s Jade Bar, which offers live entertainment on Friday nights, as well as a selection of delicious drinks and meals to complement the visual treat.

4. Desert Botanical Garden

A designated Phoenix Point of Pride, the Desert Botanical Garden is home to 21,000 plants spread over 140 acres of land. Originally founded in 1937, the garden combines the plants native to the Sonoran Desert and incredible species that have been imported from around the world.

The best part of coming to catch the sunset here is that you can drink in the colors of the fading night sky along with an exciting array of events. The Desert Botanical Garden hosts music concerts, ballet performances, and educational tours throughout its grounds for a full package of everything that Arizona has to offer.

5. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

For a sunset experience unlike any other, make your way to The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for their Knight Rise exhibit. Created by acclaimed artist James Turrell, this permanent exhibit is one of only 14 skyspaces open to the public in the U.S.. Sit within this special structure and see the effect of the sky becoming almost close enough to touch. The juxtaposition of art and nature will both relax and inspire you as the sun goes down.

With so many different places to see the sunset in Scottsdale and Phoenix, it can be hard to choose your ideal evening experience. Whether you’re looking for a pared-down night in nature, or a combination of stunning views and art or entertainment, Aderra is close to your perfect sunset spot.

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