There’s no shortage of reasons to love living in a luxury condo, especially when you can enjoy the perks of a sophisticated resort-style environment like the one at Aderra. However, one challenge of the Arizona climate is that there are more limited gardening opportunities, especially for those avid desert gardeners. The bright side is: Aderra’s charming and unique patios can offer you the fresh air and perfect spot to exercise your green thumb.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just beginning to explore your outdoor potential, you can leverage your exterior space in a way that shows off your personal style and desert aesthetic. Need a place to start? Explore some of the best desert plant and flower options to help you cultivate a beautiful, healthy Arizona patio garden.

Climate Considerations

The climate conditions in Arizona vary based upon the exact location within the state. Arizona’s landscape includes everything from high desert to low desert to subalpine conditions; it’s important to be mindful of these extremes as you make selections and plan for upkeep. In general, pick plants that can thrive with little water and maintenance.

Top Patio Picks

As you make your Aderra patio your own, here are a few of our favorite recommendations for patio and container garden plants. These choices will make your space shine with beauty and personality:

1. Angel’s Trumpet

If you’re looking for a heat-loving flower, Angel’s Trumpet is a sure bet. These attention-grabbing, hanging flowers can create a showstopping effect. They also work well for container gardens, like the ones you’d find on a patio. The trumpet-shaped flowers can grow up to a foot long, and they thrive in full sun with relatively moist soil.

2. Texas Mountain Laurel

Another colorful wonder to add to your display is the Texas Mountain Laurel, which produces fragrant, violet-blue flowers. This one can handle a full day of Arizona sunshine. As it matures, the plant requires less watering, making it a low-maintenance — yet gorgeous — choice.

3. Aloe Vera

Every garden should contain a little practicality, and the varied uses of aloe vera make it an ideal addition. This widely-recognized plant features “plump leaves that look like spikes.” Yet despite its rough-looking exterior, the aloe plant is actually soft and contains wonderful healing properties.

Break off a leaf or two and use the inside gel as a treatment for skin cuts, abrasions, and sunburn. Not only does this plant contribute to the desert aesthetic, but it’s beneficial for health reasons, too!

4. Arizona Rosewood

Every garden needs some consistency, and normal shrubs and greenery can provide excellent filler in the midst of an array of colors. If choosing a native state plant is important to you, then look no further than the classic Arizona Rosewood. This dark green shrub takes off in full or partial sun and produces clusters of white flowers in early summer. It’s a perfect choice to place near borders.

5.  Portulaca

If you’re looking for a plant that puts on a show, you’ll be amazed by the colorful Portulaca! Not only does this vibrant flower look impressive on display — even in full sun — but it thrives in direct and intense heat by opening and closing. You’ll notice its blossoms closing by mid-afternoon in particularly hot environments. This is also a no-hassle plant when it comes to soil, as it thrives in many different types.

6. Lantana

Do you want to attract some friendly flying creatures to your patio? The wide variety of Lantana flowers creates a gorgeous backdrop and the orange, pink, yellow, and red colors may bring some butterflies to your space! This is a hardworking plant that’s relatively easy to grow, making it perfect for beginner gardeners who want to include a pollinator-friendly plant in their lineup.

7. Succulent Rosettes

These trendy, drought-tolerant plants require very little maintenance, making them a forgiving choice for beginner patio gardeners. They are smaller plants that grow low to the ground with shallow roots, but their beautiful rose-shaped patterns bring variety and character to any space, and there are several ways to help them divide and multiply.

With so many potted plant varieties that can withstand the Arizona heat and different patio conditions, it can be hard to know which ones to choose for your beautiful home within the Aderra community. This list is only the start of ways you can begin a new hobby or spruce up your existing container garden.

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now

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