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The Balance of Managing Two Homes

According to Forbes, about 20% of all home sales are second homes, and it's easy to see why such a lifestyle is so popular. For many people, the chance to own multiple properties is a [...]

6 Ways to Make Your Patio More Cozy

In the Midwest, people look to make their homes cozier. Here in Phoenix, people typically look for ways to make theirs a little cooler. Whether you’re tired of hermitting in your air conditioned condo, or [...]

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Phoenix Heat

Many retirees are drawn to Phoenix for its year-long sunshine, golf courses, and balmy temperatures. Still, June, July, and August can feel a little too hot, even for summer’s biggest fans. During those scorching 90 [...]

Tips for Staying in Shape Indoors

Summer in Phoenix means moving your workout indoors and getting creative with how you break a sweat. With daily high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, it’s essential to avoid the many risks that come with exercising [...]

8 No-Cook Meals for Hot Arizona Days

Summer is a time for vacations and afternoons by the pool — so why not give your oven a break? Even if you have an air-conditioned kitchen, there's something wonderful about not having to turn [...]

So You’ve Retired – Now What?

As life expectancy continues to increase and offer more opportunities to enjoy a non-working life, it’s more important than ever to plan for a meaningful retirement. What makes a retirement meaningful depends on whom you [...]