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A Simple Guide to Furnishing Your Second Home

Today, second homes make up approximately one-fifth of all home purchases. If you’ve been lucky enough to recently purchase your very own piece of Phoenix real estate, then chances are you'll benefit from some decorating [...]

6 Helpful Second Home Tax Tips

For many people, buying a second home in warm, sunny Phoenix is the pinnacle of luxury. Thanks to years of hard work, savings, and planning, you now have your very own place to escape to [...]

The Balance of Managing Two Homes

According to Forbes, about 20% of all home sales are second homes, and it's easy to see why such a lifestyle is so popular. For many people, the chance to own multiple properties is a [...]

6 Ways to Make Your Patio More Cozy

In the Midwest, people look to make their homes cozier. Here in Phoenix, people typically look for ways to make theirs a little cooler. Whether you’re tired of hermitting in your air conditioned condo, or [...]