We all want our homes to look great, but deciding on a style that feels personal, contemporary, and timeless all at the same time can be an agonizing process. Interior design trends come and go, and there are some we wish had never been in the first place — carpeted bathrooms, inflatable furniture, and teal and salmon everything all come to mind  — but some truly do stand the test of time. Consider embracing Arizona’s landscape and heritage with a desert themed condo, and create your own rustic oasis with the following easy-to-follow tips.

1. Start With a Southwestern Rug

This really is your launch point. Choose a rug with bold color and pattern and use it to choose the rest of your accessories and accents. Pull colors straight from the rug and disperse them throughout your home to achieve a cohesive, creative look.

2. Embrace Color

Let the natural landscape guide you here. Evoke the blazing sun and baked sands with burnt oranges, reds, and yellows, then ground it all with a cool, deep indigo, or punch it even further with the pinks and purples of desert flowers. Lighter sky blues, bone whites, or tans also pair well with these warmer tones.

3. Paint it White

Consider painting your walls a crisp and airy white. Not only will this open your space up, taking advantage of your condo’s open design, it will also stand as a beautiful, unobtrusive canvas to let all your carefully chosen textiles shine. Better still, white walls allow you to switch up your accessories as often you like, so even if you find some new pieces you prefer later on down the road, your walls will still support them. White walls, unlike most other colors, also never go out of style.

4. Choose Unfinished Woods

Desert décor done right should seem cohesive and polished yet rustic and effortless, and choosing natural woods will go a long way toward establishing this aesthetic. Live-edge furniture, driftwood accent pieces, and anything with its natural grain and texture intact will serve well here. Choose cool colored woods like birch or pine. Avoid dark, heavy furniture with lots of detail and ornate carving.

Fortunately, our condos already come with wood kitchen cabinets, but don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures to create an eclectic feel — if things match too closely the look will feel contrived rather than artlessly refined.

5. Pattern and Texture are Everything

As with the above point, don’t be afraid to mix your patterns. Choose a variety of prints and fabrics in a multitude of textures for a worldly yet cozy effect. The easiest way to do this without it looking haphazard is to choose prints in similar colors, and pair bolder patterns you wish to be focal points with smaller prints to support them.

5. Harness the Wild

Evoke some of the Old West with antlers, skulls, and faux animal hides. For a more subtle approach, try bone-handled cutlery or serving forks, antler-printed plates or napkins, and horn napkin holders.

6. Plants, Plants, and More Plants

Rather than incorporating greens into your color palette, consider letting plants fill this role and breathe life into your home at the same time. Our condos are full of natural light, so you have plenty of options to choose from, but taking your cues straight from the desert will really pull this look together. Cacti are the most obvious choice, and because they come in such variety, can really let your creativity shine. Succulents, palm trees, and wildflowers, like the Arizona poppy, will all work beautifully too.

Let Your Surroundings Inspire You

We’re lucky to live in such beautiful apartments in such a vibrant community. Let your home reflect Arizona’s natural and cultural heritage and enjoy a timeless, tasteful aesthetic for years to come.