Today, second homes make up approximately one-fifth of all home purchases. If you’ve been lucky enough to recently purchase your very own piece of Phoenix real estate, then chances are you’ll benefit from some decorating tips that help you to embrace your personal style without breaking your budget. After all, beautifying a second home is all about creating a cost-effective sanctuary away from the stresses of your everyday life.

A vacation home can be a retreat where the chaos of your typical responsibilities no longer exists. It’s a place for you to pursue your passions, enjoy retirement, and simply soak up some new experiences. Since design and décor are crucial to a space’s personality, here are a few things you should consider when furnishing your home away from home.

1. Begin with a Practical Plan

Effective planning is an essential part of any home improvement project, but when you’re working on your second home with a tight budget, strategy becomes even more important. The last thing you want is to buy the dining table of your dreams, only to discover you don’t have enough cash left over for the chairs. Research what you want online, and keep your budget in mind when you’re buying.

At the same time, remember that function should meet with style in a vacation home. Second homes may be more likely to take a beating if you spend more time outdoors enjoying your new lifestyle. Make sure that your furniture is comfortable and durable at the same time, with rugs that are easy to clean and decorations that aren’t too breakable.

2. Don’t Buy Too Much Furniture

Creating the perfect second home on a budget is all about knowing how to prioritize your spending. When you’ve got limited resources available, you’ll need to spend your cash carefully, and that means choosing furniture with precision.

When decorating your retreat, go for a minimalist approach, ensuring that you have everything you need for optimum comfort without buying too many unnecessary extras. Remember, clutter can be a beacon for stress — and the more furniture you have, the more time you’ll need to spend cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming, too.

3. Make It Your Own

A second home is the perfect place to have some fun with your décor. Let your personality shine through wherever you can, with knickknacks and trinkets that represent who you are as a person. To get you started, it could be a great idea to collect some pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying your time in Phoenix.

Combine those meaningful family photos with bold splashes of color, home-made art, and anything that’s perfect for bringing back fond memories. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could try looking up some guides online and making things yourself, like knitted throws, handmade lampshades, and more!

4. Shop Second-Hand

There’s nothing wrong with checking out your local thrift stores and second-hand shops if you’re hoping to save a little money. The more time you spend in your new condo, the more you’ll learn about the local area, including when auctions and yard sales take place. You could even try asking around at home to see if any of your friends and family have anything that they can give you while you’re getting settled.

Even if the items they offer don’t suit your personal style, they could be useful for getting you started while you’re saving up some extra cash or finding the perfect look for your new home. Alternatively, you could transform the second-hand pieces you get with some DIY projects. A fresh coat of paint can easily transform anything from a table to an old mirror.

5. Don’t Decorate Everything at Once

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re decorating their second homes is trying to do everything at once. While it’s nice to have a property that’s fully furnished from Day One, it’s often much better to allow your vacation property to change and evolve as you spend time in it.

A slow pace places much less stress on your budget, and it also gives you time to find your feet within your new condo. Since much of the decoration you need to do will be to give your property its own unique flavor, give yourself a couple of months to check out the local stores, discover hidden gems, and even take photos that you can display around your living areas.

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