The beginning of the year is a perfect time to reevaluate your lifestyle and set new fitness goals for the new year. Which physical abilities do you want to maintain and which would you like to improve? What do you enjoy doing and what would you like to try? Remember to talk to your doctor before starting a brand new fitness regimen and ensure the exercises you’re adding align with your fitness level.

Once you know what you want to work toward, you can start developing your fitness plan. Aderra residents have access to a multitude of opportunities for staying active, both on our luxury complex and in the local area. Here are a few ideas for your new fitness routine that you can start right now, right here at home.

Stretch and Strengthen

Stretches and strengthening exercises are key to a healthy lifestyle and can give you a clear picture of your current physical capabilities. What’s more, they can significantly improve your mobility and functional performance.

Incorporate a few basic exercises into your fitness plan to create a solid foundation for your strength, balance, and flexibility before moving onto new fitness activities. Squats, side planks, and wall push ups are ideal for your in-home fitness routine, as they don’t require any special equipment.

Be careful not to overexert yourself in the beginning – remember, any exercise is already better than none at all, and progress takes time.

Take Regular Walks

Cardiovascular health is essential to your overall wellbeing, and winter in Arizona is the perfect time of year to exercise your heart and lungs outside.

Enjoy the outdoors with regular walks along one of the many local hiking trails near our community; from the moderate Dreamy Draw Nature Trail to the more strenuous Camelback Mountain trails.

If you don’t want to venture that far from home, take a stroll along the walking trail conveniently located behind Aderra, which overlooks the scenic Stonecreek Golf Course. Whatever you choose, you’ll get your heart pumping as you take in breathtaking natural views.

Go Swimming

If you’re looking for another leisure activity that will keep you moving, make it a point to take a daily dip in Aderra’s heated pool.

Swimming is a low-impact workout that reduces the pressure on your joints, which is especially helpful if you suffer from arthritis. You can make your swimming exercise as relaxing or as tough as you want, which is why it’s an excellent fitness choice for all body types and activity levels.

For an easy exercise that will help strengthen your legs, tighten your core, and improve your balance, try leg lifts. To exercise your upper body, you can do standing water push-ups. If you want more of a challenge, you can try aqua jogging or flutter kicking across the pool in addition to your laps.

Play Golf

Golf is another fantastic outdoor sport that’s readily accessible for Aderra residents. Known as one of Arizona’s “Best Kept Secrets,” Stonecreek Golf Club is open to the public year-round, and conveniently sits adjacent to our condo community. Golf is not only a fun social sport, but also gives you an opportunity to exercise your heart and lungs without a high risk of injury.

Book a tee time with a friend or attend a Saturday golf clinic to enjoy some of the best golfing and mountain views Arizona has to offer. Just be sure to warm up with some light stretches before you tee off.

Visit Our Fitness Center

Here at Aderra, there’s a fitness opportunity for everyone and every circumstance. If you need to escape the afternoon heat or the evening chill throughout the year, you can visit our on-site private fitness center with air conditioning – it’s the ideal place to work on any of your fitness goals.

Boost your heart health by walking or jogging on one of the treadmills, and take advantage of our mats and free weights for stretching, strength training, and more. Our fully-equipped gym offers pool views and TVs, so you can enjoy yourself as you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Whichever option you choose to get your body moving, make it a habit to engage in your chosen activity several times per week. With all the amenities you could ever need right at your doorstep, there’s nothing stopping you this new year.

To explore Aderra’s incredible living experience, contact our team today and schedule a tour of one of our luxury condos. You have to see it to believe it.