Moving from a house to a condo has many benefits. The amount of upkeep required for a house and lawn is significant, and eliminating those worries ensures more leisure time and less stress. But downsizing your home can also be quite a task in itself, generally requiring you to reduce your total belongs by at least half, and usually more.

The good news is that most people find this to be a great relief once the process is complete. Read on for a few tips to help you navigate a smooth transition to your exciting new lifestyle at Aderra.

Getting Started

Before you can begin packing and preparing for the move, you need to have some concrete information to work with. Start by addressing these three points to set yourself up for downsizing success.

  • Determine which floorplan you will choose. Aderra offers a choice of four carefully designed options. This way you will know your unit’s total square footage and layout.
  • Draw up a version of the floorplan you can use to play with different furniture placements. It will take a lot of the guesswork to decide which items will fit and where. Having some idea will make your move-in a lot easier.
  • Get familiar with the amenities available at our community, as well as the rules and restrictions, so you can plan your future home accordingly.

Deciding What Will Go with You

Once you have a better understanding of the size and shape of your new space, you can evaluate the items in your current home and assign them to categories. Getting rid of items can be difficult, so keep it simple. That means you’ll only need two lists: one for the belongings you’ll keep, and one for the items you will be throwing out or giving away.

Some of the appliances you currently own may be redundant in your new home. Our condos include a well-equipped kitchen, barbecue areas, outdoor spaces, and fitness studios. That means you can skip packing many cooking appliances, garden tools, and sports equipment. Excess furniture is another potential problem when downsizing. Ask yourself some basic questions to determine what you simply will not need. For example: does the number of beds you own exceed the number of bedrooms in your new condo?

Think about everything from furniture and appliances to small items like art, clothing, jewelry, and other keepsakes. This is a good time to consider whether it’s time to pass on any heirlooms – especially large ones – to other family members. Your move is also a great opportunity to give back to society by donating your belongings to charity. Something unessential to you might be essential to someone less fortunate.

Keeping Items That Won’t Fit in Your Condo

Renting a nearby storage unit may come in handy if you have items you want to keep, but don’t have the space or the daily need for. This may include keepsakes and photos that will not be displayed in your home, yet remain important to you. Seasonal belongings, such as holiday decorations, and extra kitchen and dining equipment for guests, aren’t a day-to-day necessity and use up value space in the home. You won’t need quick and constant access to tools, camping equipment, and other outdoor recreational gear either.

But remember, if these belongings are still important to you, they need to be well cared for wherever they are. Climate-controlled units will prevent your items from being damaged by high temperatures and humidity levels. This is an absolute must in the scorching Scottsdale area. After all, if the items are only going to get damaged and forgotten, you might as well save your money and give them away today.

Maximizing Your New Space

It’s crucial to make efficient use of your new space if you want to reap all the rewards of downsizing. You might have already decided to give away some larger belongings, but why not also consider replacing certain items with more compact versions? Consider the number of people who will be living and visiting your new Aderra condo. Ultimately you may not need such a large dining table or sofa. You can also look into sleeker designs for your bedroom to make the most of the smaller square-footage and your own simpler needs.

Once you know which items to replace, look for multipurpose items. Furniture with extra storage is very helpful, such as storage ottomans and bed frames with drawer spaces underneath. Get shelves and closet organizers that take advantage of every kind of space, from floor to ceiling. Look into a sofa bed or even a good cooking pot that you can use every day. Less can always be more.

Do you have any tips for downsizing your home? Let us know in the comments!