Summer in Phoenix means moving your workout indoors and getting creative with how you break a sweat. With daily high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, it’s essential to avoid the many risks that come with exercising in extreme heat, including heat stroke.

Thankfully, with the help of modern technology, staying fit while also staying cool is easier than ever before. Here are five simple ways to incorporate more activity in your life and improve your fitness — all without the risk of a sunburn.

1. Equip Yourself

As workout equipment has evolved, it has become an essential part of getting a full body workout at the gym. For cardio-focused exercise, jump on a treadmill, an elliptical, or even a stair climber. The added benefit of using cardio equipment is that it is much easier on your joints than hitting the pavement, allowing you to take on greater fitness challenges than you have before, whether that means going for a longer distance run or aiming for a higher heart rate on the elliptical.   

If you are looking to do some strength training, set yourself up with some free weights and work on increasing reps and capacity. Aderra’s fully equipped fitness center comes with a variety of free weights to help you work towards your next lifting goal.

2. Track It

With the introduction of detailed fitness trackers and apps such as the Fitbit, you can now track your levels of activity all the time instead of only while at the gym. Consider investing in a fitness tracker to help you notice which daily activities offer you the most movement and physical challenge. Using this new information, you can make small, simple daily changes such as taking the stairs at work or doing a few extra laps at the department store, all of which together can add up to incredible transformation.

3. Watch and Learn

The hot summer months may be the perfect time to learn a new type of exercise, such as yoga or barre-based workouts. YouTube has a wide range of tutorials available for every type of exercise, with some channels offering hundreds of videos and possible workouts for you to follow.

And if you find yourself loving working out with the encouragement of a virtual trainer, you may want to look into training apps such as Aaptiv, which combines upbeat music with instruction from a personal trainer.

4. Keep Cool in The Water

If venturing outside is an absolute must for you, then remember that swimming is always an option to keep your body temperature down while soaking up the sun. Whether you’re enjoying Aderra’s outdoor resort-style pool or jumping into Saguaro Lake, getting in the water is a great way to stay active even in blistering temperatures. Do, however, wear plenty of sunscreen, as being on the water in full sun can lead to serious burns if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

5. Back to the Basics

When in doubt, you can always return to the simple basics of an in-home workout, with little need for anything but your own body and some motivational tunes. Throw on some of your favorite music and get to sweating. Even 20 minutes of jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and planking can offer your heart that much-needed exercise and your mind an opportunity to shut off and relax.

No matter how you choose to break a sweat this summer, make sure to beat the heat by staying well-hydrated, avoiding long daytime outings, and finding other ways to stay fit while keeping cool.

Our pool and fitness center make getting a workout easy at Aderra, even on a hot summer day. To learn more about our condo community, get in touch with our team today.