You might not have the energy or the cash to try the latest fitness fad, but that doesn’t mean you should be the victim of a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking is a great way to exercise without placing undue stress on your joints, overwhelming your body, or leaving you panting for breath. You don’t need any athletic skills or special equipment, and yet you’ll still enjoy a host of health benefits. In fact, one study found that 150 minutes of walking each week can add 3.4 years to your life.

Here are just a few reasons why we at Aderra think you should take advantage of our walking path and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life today.

Walking Makes You Stronger

It may not involve lifting weights at the gym, but walking can give you the strength you need at any stage of your life. By strengthening bones and reducing your risk of osteoporosis, walking can decrease your chance of trips or falls as you start to get older. One study by Nurse’s Health discovered that women who walk around four hours per week had a 40% reduced chance of hip fracture.

It’s not just your bones that benefit, either. Many people struggle to maintain their muscle mass as they move past retirement. Though loss of muscle mass is natural, it’s not something you have to abide by. Regular exercise through walking can help keep your muscles strong, all while improving your balance.

Walking Supports the Brain

When you use your feet more often, you also boost your brain health as neurons fire through your head and keep your cognitive needs on track. Walking can help reverse the effects of aging on the brain by limiting your risk of dementia and other disorders. One study found that 69 participants aged between 55 to 88 showed a significantly lower risk of Alzheimer’s when they committed to walking regularly.

If you want an even healthier brain, you can also try walking backwards. A Dutch study found that walking backwards encourages people to think on their feet and enhance their minds through exercise.

Walking Helps You Soak Up Nature

If you’ve been having a rough day, walking it off in the fresh air could be the perfect solution.

Numerous studies have found that walking improves mood and alleviates stress, which is why 62% of adults like to walk. As you soak up the beautiful scenery and sunny weather on our walking path, you’ll reduce any feelings of frustration or anxiety.

Walking is Great for Socializing

Just moved into an Aderra condo and looking for a way to get to know the neighbors?

Walking could be the answer. Simply getting out of the house for a gentle stroll could help you meet new people. At the same time, a walk is a fantastic way to spend time with the family. Rather than sitting and watching television, ask your loved ones to come on a walk with you and tell you about their week.

Walking Keeps You Fitter for Longer

A few steps every day can do wonders for your health by helping you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of some cancers. Regular walks can even assist your body in fending off illness more effectively by boosting your immune system and improving circulation.

Because walking and other forms of low-impact cardio exercise are so good for your heart, you can rest assured that getting out and about for just 30 minutes a day will lower your blood pressure and limit your risk of stroke.

Before You Start Walking

While the numerous benefits of walking are clear, it’s important to be cautious before you get started.

Keep in mind that if you’re exploring your new neighborhood in the Arizona desert, you’ll need to schedule your walk in the cooler parts of the day. Overheating can lead to severe dehydration, so remember to check the temperature before you work out and plan accordingly.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, it might be a good idea to speak to your doctor about the level of physical activity that’s right for you. This will help you avoid pushing yourself further than you can safely manage.

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